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About Jeff

At a very young age, I was exposed to the harsh realities of the world we live in. My family dealt with extreme poverty and abuse, and I am FOREVER grateful for that. Suffering has taught me a great deal about humanity and motivated me to make my life's work about uplifting my community. As a young African American and Latino male, I promised myself that I would not allow stereotypes to pigeon hole me into a certain lifestyle. I made sure that my education and the opportunities that arose from it would not be taken for granted. 

Fortunately, I worked hard enough to attend  university. Montclair State University to be exact. I studied social work and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts. But my degree wasn't what I was most proud of. My proudest moments at Montclair were brought on by movements I was able to help lead through event planning and social activism with various student organizations and my national fraternity. Throughout my years I would help draw  1,000s (collectively) of students to events in support of HIV/STD Awareness and the development of young men. These events motivated me to learn the skills necessary to produce effective outreach efforts, both in person and online, utilizing programs like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro without any formal training. 

My work in the field wouldn't stop there. After graduation I was hired to work at Boys Town as an Assistant Family Teacher. There I would be responsible for delivering an intervention centered around behavior modification to young adolescent males ages 12-17.  A few years later I would begin working at the largest HIV prevention organization in the state of New Jersey, the Hyacinth Foundation. There I would serve as the Empowerment Coordinator for underprivileged/vulnerable young men ages 18-29. I was able to bring in my graphic design and content creation skills in this position and it lead to several of my flyer and campaign designs to be published on the PATH, PRIDE Magazine and New Jersey billboards across the state on behalf of the US Center for Disease Control.

 My next position would be with Samaschool. There I served as a curriculum developer and instructor. In this position my design and social work skills were of the upmost importance. I was able to create an entire multi-week curriculum that would train vulnerable populations how to get involved in the gig economy. I am proud to say that my work has personally helped 100s of people find opportunities. I also initiated and ran the social media campaigns for all of NYC. 

These great experiences lead me to discover a new passion of mine and a new way to effect change in my community. I began taking on film and production and 

literally sat under the wing of a professional videographer for months and now run a full fledged web studio, WWW.PUSH28.TV I started this web network to show young people, who don't have the opportunities, breaks or connections, that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. I also started this web network in hopes of becoming the ONE of the VERY FEW major networks owned by a minority....and I won't stop until that hope becomes a reality. 

** About the video reel. I've placed my company's video reel at the top of this page just to show how I was able to move a team of people into creating something from the ground up. We started with virtually nothing! No money or support and in a little over a year we've been able to connect with people from MTV, Rocnation, The Source Magazine, various musical artists, politicians and non-profits from around the NJ/NYC area. 

Work History



Chief Executive Officer

Community Liaison 

Web Master 


Social Media Marketing 

Event Planning 

Content Creation 

Ad Placement 

Annual Budget​

Lead Conversion 



Curriculum Developer/Instructor

Research and develop a course centered around the "gig economy" using the best pedagogy practices 

Establish partner relationships 

Community Liaison 

Deliver course to 400 individuals from vulnerable populations

Set students up on online work platforms such as Upwork, TaskRabbit, Handy, Fiverr, FieldNation 

Develop strategic plans to acquire new partnerships and students

Social Media Marketing 

Physical and Online Facilitation 

Hyacinth Foundation


Mpowerment Coordinator 

Group Facilitation 

Deliver Mpowerment Intervention

Lead Outreach Efforts


Successfully recruited 700 men for HIV testing ages 18-29 

1:1 Crisis Counseling 

Yearly Budget 

Campaign and Ad Placement

Graphic Designer 

Grant Writing 


Recruit 700 men for HIV testing ages 18-29 

Boys Town 

Assistant Family Teacher 


Deliver behavior modification intervention to incarcerated male youth ages 12-18.


Update case files for ACS

Assist youth with daily living 

1:1 Counseling 

Family counseling

Update progress documentation

Accompany youth to appointments



Montclair State University 


BA Fine Arts - Sociology 

Member of

Emerging Leaders of America 

Latin American Student Organization 

The Brotherhood 

Greek Counsel Representative 

Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity, Inc. Monarca Chapter - President, Vice President, Northern New Jersey Regional Cacique Mayor, Brother of the Year 2005, 2016

As a member of LSU, I lead the chapter in running the biggest and longest consecutive successfully ran step show in Montclair State history. The show began in 2006 and is still running today. You can take a look at videos and pictures below



Digital Art and Visual Art 




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